This page is for pictures & comments on the reassembly process, started 3/21/06.

Day 1: Attached badges & fender crest and got engine side cowl attached.  Started wiring, but haven’t pulled the wires through yet.

Day 2: Temporarily attached left cowl, pulled wiring through, mounted the front fender, installed the fork, pulled the front brake & speedo cables, installed the center stand (hopefully installed it right!) and mounted the headset.

Day 3: Lots of progress!  Completed wiring to switch, headlamp and tail light.  Ran throttle, clutch and shift cables and got sheathing installed.  The entire front half is now done, right down to a working front brake.  New LED tail light is installed.  The scooter is about ready for the engine.  Tested electrical system with a battery pack, everything seems to work.  No horn test yet, all I had was DC power.

Day 5: Didn’t do anything yesterday.  Today we took the scooter up to the garage, bolted in the engine, wired up the throttle, got the covers installed (left cowl door needs work still), gas tank in, fuel line run, ran the engine a while, tested electrical system.  Horn may be shot, high beam OK, no low beam.  Probably need better grounding.  Honestly, I was hoping to get a test ride in this weekend, but it’s not going to happen.  There are too many stupid little parts I still need.  And Scooterworks may be nice guys, but their shipping is just horribly slow.

Day…  whatever…  I was gone for a week.  I’ve been working on the scooter out in the garage for a while, fixing various problems and making more runs to Lowe’s for metric fasteners.  Today I had to find a cable ferrule to clamp on for the clutch cable, and a couple of brake cable clamp nuts.  The latest box of parts from Scooterworks arrived, and of course the clutch lever pivot bolt is the wrong one, again.  I also had to run a better ground to the engine casing.  Still, here’s the result:

I got it up to about 40 MPH, if the speedo is to be believed.  Hills are a struggle, but the brakes are OK.  There is still some work to do.  The shifter needs adjusting; I can’t get into neutral if the scooter is going less than 10 MPH or so.  The carb door needs to be installed, left cowl door won’t latch right, and I think I may have a minor fuel leak.  The seat has no cover, I need to reinstall the sheath on the shift cables and finish up a little of the wiring.  Still…  it’s running and riding!!