2007 – Germany

In August of 2007, Lisa and I took our first trip to Germany.  We spent a week in Bayern/Franconia with day trips to Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Ansbach, Rothenbug ob der Tauber, Herrsching am Ammersee and several other towns.  Naturally we took a few pictures…  first was a little stop in NYC between planes.  We visited Battery Park, Planet Hollywood and a few other spots before we had to be back to Newark for the flight to Frankfurt.

We got into Frankfurt, picked up a rental car (Audi A4 turbo Diesel wagon) and drove the 3 or 4 hours to Hagenhofen.  We watched a soccer practice, and did a little touring!

We were overwhelmed by the hospitality of Georg and Brigitte Hegendoerfer, as well as everyone we met in Hagenhofen and Markt Erlbach.  I wish we had gotten more pictures from teh first day — we arrived in time for a festival of some sort in Markt Erlbach.  Within half an hour of arriving in Hagenhofen we were following the tail end of a parade, then had a wonderful meal and some beer in the beer garden.  There was a pretty good sized polka band playing, and we met a lot of very friendly people who were more than happy to try out their (generally pretty good to excellent) English on the visiting Americans!  Markt Erlbach is not a major town nor really close to any of the American military installations, so I suspect they don’t get a lot of American visitors.  We were spotted as tourists pretty quickly.  🙂

Over the next week we did a lot of visiting and sightseeing.  I’m not even going to try to sort out the pictures right now, I’ll try to do that later on.  But, I think the first batch is from Ansbach.