The new phone book – I mean, Handbook’s here!

Navin R. Johnson said it best…

2010 ARRL Handbook
2010 ARRL Handbook

If you’re wondering why I care so much,I wrote a lot of Chapter 4, the new Digital Basics chapter.   Some came from the old Basic Electronics chapter, but I hope to have it completely rewritten for the 2011 edition.   I also have 3 projects in Chapter 24.   So, it’s pretty cool.   Besides,when you contribute to the Handbook you get your copy for free…   and every ham NEEDS at least one ARRL Handbook around.

Devil May Care

Devil May Care is the latest attempt at a James Bond novel.  Ian Fleming died in 1964, and so far no one has been able to successfully resurrect either him or his writing style.  Sadly, the latest attempt by Sebastian Faulks is no exception.  It’s a good book, and a decent Bond, but Faulks is no Fleming no matter how hard he may try.

In fact, trying too hard seems to be why this effort falls a little short of the mark.  One of the most common (and most aggravating) mistakes Continue reading “Devil May Care”