Broncos make the playoffs

We found out today that the Hastings Broncos did indeed make the NAIA playoffs.  The first post season game will be against the #6 ranked Ottawa University Braves in Ottawa, KS next Saturday (11/21).  Naturally Lisa and I will be going down there for the game!  So where the hell is Ottawa, KS? Due south of Lawrence, so we might work in a stop there to see cousins Liz & Linda on the way down.

The Braves won the KCAC conference championship with a 10-0 season, their first undefeated season since 1965 and are hosting their first playoff game. Here’s hoping hte Broncos hand them their first defeat of the year!

Hastings 27, Midland Lutheran 14

The Hastings Broncos ended the regular season 9-2 this afternoon, after pretty handily beating Midland Lutheran.  Midland didn’t seem to be able to get their act together today, and no less than four interceptions certainly didn’t help them any.  The Broncos hit their stride pretty early in the game and never gave up the lead.

We’ll find out in a day or two whether they will have a spot in the playoffs, and if so where the first post season game will be.

Good job, Broncos!

Hastings 28, Concordia 18

We were really glad to see the Broncos take the field for the second half!  We have not yet figured out who was playing during the first half, but the second was all Broncos.  The defense and the offense were tied today, each squad scored two TDs.

What a game…