What a difference a day makes!

Wow. Yesterday it was 50 or above, snow melting, got the antenna feedpoint re-connected and actually grilled hamburgers on the gas grill outside! Pete took the dog out to the dog park, which was followed by a bath since he (Buddy, not Pete) came home looking like one giant mudball. What a nice day. Of course we had a small pond forming in the back yard, the joy of living at the bottom of a hill.

Now it’s 10 or below, the pond is now a glacier of solid ice, and it’s snowing. Wind is blowing like mad, it’s just cold as hell.

The antenna work race

Well, the race is on!  This is supposed to be our last day of decent weather before we have another week or two of cold & snow.   I’ve got some work to do to get my antenna functional again.   I had a very temporary lashup with a balun soldered (more or less) on the end of the coax, but without any weather protection.   The rain & snow hit a few days sooner than I expected, so right now that balun is in the middle of a block of ice and the wires are disconnected.   I have to get it thawed out, the coax patched to the antenna, and the whole mess sealed up against moisture this afternoon or it’s another few weeks of no radio!

It’s a little frustrating to have a nice “new”(er) rig sitting here and not be able to use it.   I think I had less than 6 contacts for all of 2007…   I’d like to do better this year!

Is it just me…

or did the snow come about a week or two too early this year? I wasn’t quite done with things in the back yard when it started. I’m hoping we get a reprieve, maybe just a few days of decent temperatures with the snow melted off. I’ve got antenna work to finish!!