Mixed blessings

On one hand, the emergence of the Internet has been a huge blessing to many of us. I’d even say most of us. Access to information (some of it even correct some of the time) has been greatly improved.

On the other hand, just TRY to find a specialty shop that carries anything you need. Sheesh. There’s not a damn place in this town to buy electronic parts any more, for example. No dealers any more that have anything more other than car stereos and home theater components; the last ham radio dealer (such as it was) went out of business long ago, and wasn’t really viable for years prior to that. We’re about to go out to look for new motorcycle helmets, which is something I for one just simply can’t do on line. It’s tough to find something that fits my oversize, misshapen melon properly. I’m betting we are in for a long, frustrating afternoon.

People talk about instant gratification, but in many ways we’re moving away from that – at least here in the hinterlands of “flyover country”. If you need it today, chances are the answer is, “tough luck”.