Did some reloading

Of course, the first step in reloading ammunition is making empties.  I did that yesterday by shooting a hundred rounds of .40 S&W at the Bullet Hole.  :)  Since the recipe I was trying worked out pretty well, I went ahead and loaded a couple hundred this morning.  6.2 grains of Unique over a CCI small pistol primer, with 155 grain Berry’s plated flat nose bullets.  I did get my freebie box of 180 grain Hornady XTP hollow points, so I’ll try those on my next trip too.

The M&P still seems to be consistently shooting low & left.  At 25′, it’s about 4-5″ off.  I can drift the rear sight for windage, but I’ll probably have to try some different loads for elevation.  I could adjust my sight picture, I suppose, using the front sight to cover the target rather than putting the target on top of the front sight post.  I’ve been shooting a long time, though, and changing the way I shoot for this one gun just isn’t really practical.  For one thing, it’s the sight picture I use instinctively – and if I’m going to shoot IDPA or IPSC with this thing, it needs to be right on the money the first time.  So, I’ll try some 180 grain bullets and see where they hit.