Public Pulse

Had a letter to the Public Pulse published a week or so ago.  I had emailed them two; one on the DC V. Heller case, the other a response to yet another person whining about how Nebraska doesn’t allow casinos, which would of course solve ALL our problems.  Yeah, like they have for Iowa.

Now, don’t get me wrong; I’m no opposed to gambling on a moral basis or anything.  It’s a decision a responsible adult should be able to make on their own.  I’m just saying that overall, I don’t think the casino business is all that good for a state.  Jobs are created – but they’re mostly subsistence wage jobs.  There is money brought in from outlying areas, but it’s a tiny drop in the bucket compared to the money flowing out to the casino’s parent corporation.  The casinos, of course, take no responsibility for addressing the increase in crime, job loss, divorce, bankruptcy and other problems associated with gambling by those who get in over their heads.  There are those who remain convinced that the casinos have been a major boost for Iowa’s economy and quality of life –just as there are those who can plainly see that it’s just not the case.