Dickie’s Bar-B-Q

There’s not a whole lot of BBQ joints in west Omaha these days…  oh, who am I kidding?  You can’t toss a dead cat without bouncing it off a sign with some variation of flames and pig.  Anyway, Lisa & I ate here one night a few weeks ago.  The food wasn’t bad at all.  They even have passably good fried okra, which seems to be in short supply this far north.  Hmmm, maybe I should plant some in the back yard, I’m sure THAT would thrill the neighbors.  Anyway, aside from the country music playing (mercifully not too loud) the place wasn’t bad.  Pretty pricey, though.  If you find their food irresistible, you’ll go back.  We may or may not — it’s a tad above average in food quality, but a few points higher in price than I’d like to see.  Apparently the rent is pretty high, or they figure they’re in the high rent neighborhood.

Ask Ted Turner how that worked out for him.