The French Cafe

Lisa & I had dinner at The French Cafe last night. It was our 29th anniversary, and it had been far too long since we visited my friend Tony Abbott’s place.

The food and service were, as always, above and beyond wonderful. The French onion soup and escargot have not varied from perfection in all the years we have gone there. The Chateaubriand was outstanding, accompanied by Brie-stuffed tomatoes that were simply unforgettable. The cherries jubilee topped it off perfectly.

The French Cafe has had a reputation as a pretty expensive place to eat, but quite frankly I think it is less expensive now than ever. We spent only slightly more on dinner last night than we did at a good-but-not-great place in Charlotte we tried last week. The atmosphere, service, and food at French Cafe are in a completely different class.

I feel sorry for those poor suburban slobs who think that abomination known as Mahogany Prime is what a good restaurant is about.