Am I still alive?

Well, yes, for the most part…  but I haven’t been blogging much.  Let’s do a quick recap…

The high school reunion went well.  It was really good to see some old friends, make a few new ones, and generally reconnect with people.  It’s too bad some weren’t able to make it, and even sadder that one died on the way up to attend.

Pete’s back in school, getting ready for football.

I got a new phone.  It’s an LG Dare, and it’s just…  well, it’s cool as hell.  Why not an iPhone, you may ask?  Well, let’s see.  The Dare isn’t WAY overpriced, it’s not tied to uber-sucky AT&T, it’s got the features I want, it’s hackable and not tied to Apple’s cash extraction machine…  in short, why would I even consider an iPhone?

We’ve been out on the bike a few times, but not nearly enough.  The seat came back from Mean City, and it’s much, much better now.  The lawn is surviving, no thanks to me.  Have not had the Vespa out at all this summer — I need to find some time to do some engine work, again.  I’m building a new replacement for our server, which has been running Fedora Core 3 (or is it 4?) for way too long.

There.  All caught up.