We saw Valkyrie a week or so ago at the Village Pointe theater.  As we had heard, the movie was pretty good — it would have been better were it not for Tom Cruise.  The guy wasn’t terribly convincing, and the character development was somewhat lacking.  Still, it’s worth seeing the movie.  I can’t get too much more enthusiastic about it, much as I would like to.

Cruise does a pretty good job of playing Tom Cruise.  Sadly, I think Risky Business was pretty much this guy’s peak performance.  OK, maybe that’s unkind.  While checking out his other performances for those I may have forgotten, I was reminded of Collateral.  It’s perhaps the one role in which he really surprised me.  The Mission:Impossible movies were OK — as usual with a franchise like that one, it was all down hill after the first — but still, it was Tom Cruise playing a Tom Cruise-y character.

Of course it may be that I am just having more and more trouble looking past the wacko Scientology thing.  I mean, seriously.  The movie with a different lead would have been worth three and a half or four stars.  With Cruise, two and a half.  Sorry, it’s the best I can manage.