The French Cafe

We’ve seen a lot of restaurants come and go.  Many follow a path that is, by now, rather predictable.  We saw it with Colton’s most recently.  A new restaurant opens, and it’s great – great food, great service, nice decor, etc.  We go there fairly frequently (for us anyway).  Then something happens; the food quality falls off, service gets sloppy.  Pretty soon we don’t go there any more, and more often than not the restaurant ends up closing.  So, it’s good to know there are some places that have not lost their edge over the years.

If you have not eaten at the French Cafe recently, you really do owe it to yourself to do so.  Lisa and I had our anniversary dinner there.  It’s really the only place I can think of that has remained consistently close to flawless over the years we have been going.  Our most recent visit was every bit as impressive as our first.  The service was spot on, attentive but not intrusive.  The food was beyond excellent — where else can you get French onion soup that good, and escargot?  Nowhere that I know of, not around here.

The menu is fresh, not just the same thing year after year.  Tony and Valerie Abbott keep things new without getting too far out in left field.  I can only hope they keep it going at the same outstanding level until they can pass it along to someone who will do as good a job.  I hope to have our 50th anniversary dinner there too!