A new office

It’s nice to get out of the basement!

For the last couple of weeks I have been working on a new home office.  We took the carpet out of one of the empty bedrooms, painted the ceiling (thanks, Rob!) and walls, and I put in a bamboo wood floor.  After putting the trim is back in place, I ran phone, Ethernet and coax cable to a wall jack and moved my work laptop up here.  Now all I need to do is find some suitable furniture, as the computer table I am borrowing is really not the right height.

It’s looking like I may finally get a working ham station too.  There is a good sized window over the back yard, with a good run to two maple trees.  I had plans to run a number of end-fed half wave wires to the trees, but have decided to just run one end-fed wire instead and use a tuner.  I managed to toss a temporary run of around 70′ or so into one of the trees, and the rig’s internal tuner managed to match it OK on several bands.  Haven’t tried any contacts yet, maybe if I get a chance today.

Of course now I have to clean up the basement area where I had been working.  Ugh.