We need a new TV.

So last night I decided to try out the new whiz-bang Linux box running MythTV, connect it to the big screen in the family room to watch a couple of movies.   As it happens, though the PC has DVI and HDMI outputs and optical sound output, it’s just not going to play.   The TV’s available screen resolutions and interlace modes just don’t match up with what the computer tried to shove at it.   Though it was sold as “HD ready” at 1080i (or maybe 1080p, I don’t remember) there are severe limits on what it will do.

So, I finally gave up.   Disappointing, but I know all the new LCD panels will handle whatever mode I can throw at them…   and use the HDMI interface for the sound as well, making it a one-cable proposition.   I like that.   Maybe two, if we use S/PDIF for the sound.   Of course everything needs to go if we make the switch.   The receiver (aside from a dead remote receiver) has no HDMI switching, only component or S-video.   The DVD/VHS combo won’t read CDs, and has been a little finicky with some DVDs as well.   Maybe Santa will drop a nice new Samsung LED flat panel down the chimney this year.

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  1. HoHoHo Have you been a good boy? I’m sure Santa will seriously look into your request.

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