A long weekend

As I sit here Monday morning, I have little twinges to remind me of the weekend.  I almost feel like we got some things accomplished.  Kim & Stu called yesterday morning to invite us along on a motorcycle ride, but we decided to stay home and get some much needed work done in the yard instead.  It was perfect weather for either, and we really needed to get ready for winter.  The roads will still be there next time it’s a beautiful day.  We did see them Friday evening, went over for wine and cheese and some great conversation.  We really need to do that more often.

My shoulders and arms are feeling a little used from the leaf raking, as well as from pullig the cord in futile attempts to re-start the leaf blower that I’m afraid I killed.  Rob had filled the 2-stroke gas can, and I forgot that he’d done that and I had not not yet put the oil in it.  As a result, the leaf blower ran at full throttle with no oil until it croaked.  Twice.  Now it has no compression to speak of and won’t start.  Crap.  The rest of the leaves got raked the old fashioned way, and of course the back yard is already covered again.  Got the lawn mowed, Lisa did the front and side flower beds, Rob cut the spirea bushes out back down to the ground.  We have 14 or 15 bags of yard waste now.

With Rob’s help I got the work shop more or less cleaned up, at least the half with the work bench.  I can see the top of the bench now, and have it cleared off so I can assemble keyers again.  There is a lot more work to be done, of course, but it’s looking a lot better.

Pete was home for a few hours, and we got the new tires mounted on the Cougar so he can get around this winter.  Sent him back to Hastings with a load of food, of course.  The new tail light is on the Vespa, and I got to take it out for an extended ride around the neighborhood.  It’s running great now, started on the first kick once and doesn’t take more than a few any time.  All I need to do now is get the plate and I can ride it outside of the neighborhood without worrying about the gendarmerie.  I think, though, that I may be re-wiring the little guy this winter.  I suspect I may not have things quite right yet.

All in all it was a long, but very productive weekend.