Damn cameras, anyway…

I’ve been looking at camcorders. We haven’t used one in years, not since the days of the VHS-C vs. 8mm tape battle. With the coming grandbaby, the occasional step-granddaughter and/or grand-niece running around, it might come in handy for that. We’re planning trips for the coming year, probably including one or two on the motorcycle. After seeing some of the video Kim & Stu shot on their trip, I’d like to be able to do the same.

Of more immediate concern, though, is getting some videos of my kits and the new keyer shot, edited and up on the HamGadgets web site, Youtube or both (or more). So, I’ve been looking at a lot of different camcorders to see which one will be the best for our needs. What a tar baby. Of course the job is made tougher by the fact that, even if you do find a particular model at a local store, or several different models you want to compare, you have no way to view the actual video shot with each on a TV or computer. All you can do is to compare specs, reviews and how the LCD screens look.

Right now the front runner is a Canon, but I’ve decided to do a lot more reading of reviews on line. The lower end JVC Everios are not getting very good reviews, but the somewhat-nicer GZ-MG670 is supposed to be better than the Canon I’ve been looking at.

So far the only ones to really impress me are the $800 and up HD camcorders. Of course. But I’m not spending that much on technology that’s getting significant bumps every year or so.