Nice what someone with actual skill can do.

We’ve got a drywall guy here doing some repair work on a few spots that need it.  One of them was a patch I did, and it was pretty obvious where it was.  This guy’s been doing drywall for 27 years, he says…  and it shows.  He’s done a better job in a few hours than I am able to do in a few days.

I don’t mind, though.  There’s stuff I have been doing for 27 years that would mystify the average drywall guy, too.  It all evens out.  I’m just glad we found a place that could send out a guy to do good quality work at a rate we can afford.

2 Replies to “Nice what someone with actual skill can do.”

  1. I agree… didn’t mean that to sound like I thought he was of average skill. The work he’s done is really, really good. I’m glad we decided to call these guys, and kudos to Stew for recommending them!

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