There’s always one troublemaker.

We had a drywall guy come by about a week or so ago and do some patching and cosmetic work.  We had a couple spots of old water damage, some corners needed attention, the new skylight needed finishing off and the patch job I did when we remodeled the downstairs bathroom was less than perfect.  I managed to get most of the spots painted OK, though I don’t think there was a spot other than my office where I picked the right paint color on the first try.  The damn bathroom, though, has been a real pain in the ass.  For whatever reason we don’t have any left over paint, and so far I think we’ve tried four different shades of tan/khaki.  All of them are close, but none are right on the money.  I’m hoping the latest is good to go, but quite frankly I’m not expecting it to be.  I won’t be the least bit surprised if I end up re-painting the entire room by the time I’m finished.

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