Night and day

If you read my last post you got a run down of the archetypical car dealer experience.  Last night we went through what can best be described as being close to the other end of the scale.

Now, granted, we’d dealt with this dealership and salesman before.  He knows we’re not really ones to enjoy the endless back-and-forth negotiation.  They had the truck I wanted (OK, possibly because I’d asked them to order one for me).  We took a drive, then sat down to work out the deal.  I already knew what the other dealer’s last-dich, closing time on the last day of the shortest month of the year offer was.  I figured that would be a good number to shoot for — maybe adjusted for the fact that this truck had a sticker price about $1400 higher.

So we sat down with the dealer’s invoice, showing what their holdback was, the employee price, all of it.  We agreed that it was only fair that they make a little profit on the deal.  They took a look at our trade-in, and came back with a number that was within $1100 of the other dealer’s.  Not too bad for the first attempt; if you go by total discount off sticker price, they actually beat the other guys by $400 or so.  Then they agreed to let us take both vehicles home so I could get all of my stuff out of my old truck — the ham radio, etc.  They’ll pick it up later this week or early next.  Again, not too bad.  I don’t think we could have asked for much more.

This is why we keep going back to Woodhouse Ford.