Too much workie, not enough play, and Spring harvest?

Been spending WAY too much time indoors, especially in the basement.  Working on stuff, creating more work, and most of all, definitely NOT getting the bike (either one!) out for its much needed exercise.  That’s OK, though…  this is temporary, I keep telling myself.  Got a few more weeks of hard work, then I can relax at least a little and enjoy the summer.  All of this work will allow us to enjoy some much needed and long awaited leisure time, especially next winter when we need it most!

I’ve been watching the progress of our apricot tree this Spring.  For the first time in a couple of years now, the weather has not been too cold, too wet or too generally crappy — and we have apricots!  Lots and lots of them.  Right now they’re green and about the size of nickels and quarters.  Need to get some bug spray on them, as I can already see some have little nibbles taken out of the skins.  I’d hate to lose them all to bugs!

Last year we had a good number of apples, but nearly every single one was eaten by insects.  The worst was late in the year when they ripened, they were besieged by wasps.  Seriously, who knew wasps like apples?  I was knocking down the empty shells of apples, and watching a dozen or so big fat wasps come out through holes in the skin.  That won’t be a problem this year.  I’m going to remove the buds from the tree and let it spend this year growing instead of producing fruit, then in the fall I’ll lop off the lower branches.  It’s getting to be a pain in the ass to mow around.  I may prune up the apricot tree as well after this year.  I don’t know how long it will last, though; it’s a little too close to a big sugar maple and I’m afraid  the maple is about to kill it off.

Hmmm…  maple trees…  maple syrup, maybe…  ?