Lazlo’s Brewery & Grill

Lisa and I had dinner at Lazlo’s the other night after seeing a movie.  The short rundown:  We’ll probably be back.

The restaurant is located just a bit north of Center on 192nd Ave., a little out of the way for most people but not “out in the boonies”.  They have three different dining areas that I saw.  There’s a regular dining room, divided up by chest-high walls into smaller areas.  The bar area is open seating, with a mix of high and low tables as we ll as booths along one wall.  There is also an outdoor patio, where we would have sat if it had been a few degrees warmer.  I didn’t have my jacket, Lisa did.

The food was pretty good.  Lisa had a salmon salad on assorted greens, with a really good avocado dressing.  I had their Reuben, which while not in my top 3 or 4 of all time was pretty good.  Both of us ended up having leftovers for lunch the next day.  We also had some beer cheese soup — pretty good.  I like the gouda ale soup at Upstream better, but we just quit going there because we got utterly lousy service the last 2-3 times.  The soup was rich and creamy, and they brought out some beer bread which was also pretty good.

We each had a Bermuda Triangle, which is an odd mix of a dark beer, some dark rum and root beer.  Lisa liked it…  I didn’t.  Service was not the best, but we were in the bar and there was apparently no assigned wait staff.  I think if we’d been in either of the other areas we would have had a little more prompt service.  It wasn’t horrible, just a little slower than I would have expected considering the light crowd.

Lazlo’s is at 2425 S 192nd Ave, open Sunday – Thursday 11 AM – 10 PM and Friday & Saturday 11 – 11.  They do takeout too.