Okinawa Sushi

Last night Lisa and I had dinner at Okinawa Sushi, in the “L Street Marketplace” shopping area north of L between 120th & 132nd.  We have a sushi place a lot closer to home, but — well, they’re snooty and the service isn’t that great, and we don’t go there if we don’t have to.  So, being in the mood for sushi, we tried the new place.

I wold say we were both pleasantly surprised.  The interior is fairly generic but clean, with granite table tops in the booths.  There is a certain Asian flavor to the restaurant, but of course there’s only so much you can do in what is pretty much a strip mall.  No matter, we are in suburbia after all.  We ordered a couple of the daily special drinks, a Cruzan rum and coconut ting that was quite good and a very reasonable $4 each.  We also ordered some edamame, which was quite good and there was enough for both of us.

The biggest challenge, honestly, was deciding what to order!  The menu was excellent and included sushi rolls, dinners, a few Chinese staples like General Tso’s Chicken and such.  There are also raw fish dishes and a number of “chef’s choice” combinations of sushi and raw fish.  I ordered the Sweetheart Roll and the Jazz Roll, and Lisa had the Crunchy and one I don’t remember the name of.  All were excellent, with Lisa especially fond of the Sweetheart Roll.  I’d say the food was as good as any sushi restaurant we’ve been to.

Service was friendly even if at just a little more relaxed pace than we would have liked.  Still, I wouldn’t say it was slow enough to be a problem.  The bill for two drinks, an appetizer and four sushi rolls was under $60 including tax.  In the end, it was good enough that we plan to be back — probably more than once.  There are still a lot of items on teh menu we want to try!