The smell of fresh Gingerbread

Well, I finally – at long last – got my Droid 2 Global updated to Android 2.3, also known as Gingerbread.  Due to having installed a root app and a few other changes, it took a few tries.  I finally had to load the stock factory SBF image onto the phone, which thankfully doesn’t seem to have wiped any of my data.  After that Gingerbread installed just fine, and I’m enjoying the new look and a few different features.

One little issue that has been something of an a irritant since I started using Android…  the dialer/contact list.  With 2.2 (Froyo) you’d hit either the dialer or the contacts icon, and the dialer would pop up showing either the dialer (dial pad) or your contact list – whichever you used last.  A little annoying.  In 2.3 it acts exactly the same way.  I have an icon for Dialer and an icon for Contacts.  If I hit Contacts, it brings up my contact list.  If I exit that and hit Dialer, it brings up my contact list again – and I have to switch to the dial pad.  After switching, the next time I hit the Contacts icon it’s back to the contact list again.  So…  why does Contacts always bring up the contact list, but Dialer doesn’t always bring up the dial pad?  It just feels like a stupid little oversight.  Overall, though, I like the new look, and there are a lot of little changes that just give it a little bit of an improved “feel”.

It’s got me wondering how long I’ll have to wait for Ice Cream Sandwich