Siemens Gigaset handset comparison

I’ve got a couple of different Gigaset handsets on hand as I have been ordering gear to replace our existing cordless phones.  So far I have two models, the S79H and the slightly more upscale SL78H.

Gigaset SL78H
Siemens Gigaset SL78H
Gigaset S79H
Siemens Gigaset S79H

The features of the two are quite similar.  The primary difference is that the higher end SL78H has Bluetooth in addition to a mini-USB port for managing pictures, ring tones and contacts as well as headset use.  The S79H has a mini-USB for file transfers, but has a standard 2.5mm headset jack for a wired headset.  Since we pretty much never use a headset with any of the house phones, this difference is pretty much moot.

The two differ quite a bit in other ways, though.  Both have good sized color LCD screens, but the SL78H is definitely sharper and better looking.  The SL78H also has a metal frame (polished chrome plated, even) and has a much heavier, more solid feel.  It’s a little shorter and a little slimmer.  There is no doubt whatsoever which is the higher end handset.  It’s not all one-sided, though.  The S79H has a louder speaker, louder earpiece volume, and can stand on a table for better speaker phone use.  Lisa and I also prefer the separate, easy to feel raised keypad buttons over the smooth and stylish but not so easy to use “Razr” style keypad on the SL78H.

Each uses the same kind of easy to navigate interface for placing and answering calls, muting a call, changing settings, etc.  I thought it really odd that the set of standard ring tones is not the same between the two…  but I can copy the ones I like to whichever handset doesn’t have them.  The same software (free from Siemens) will manage either handset.  Of the two, I really feel the S79H is a better value for the money…  but everyone likes the SL78H better, so that’s what we’ll have around the house.  🙂