Mint Linux is the new hotness, I guess.

After a few days with Fedora16, I’d had it.  I’m sorry, btu the new Gnome 3 interface is just unusable.  Maybe if you want your desktop to be just as horrible as an iThingie…  but as a desktop, it’s just unusable.  Yeah, I read about “change your workflow” and all that nonsense.  Excuses for a really, really poor user interface.  I shouldn’t have to completely change the way I work to make my desktop happy.  It kind of sucks, because I’ve been happily using Fedora for years.  But, after all this time they managed to find a way to chase users off.

I’ve never been an Ubuntu fan, and CentOS just doesn’t do it for me.  I made that mistake twice, and one of them I’m still living with.  Not again.  So I decided to try Mint Linux.  Mint is a Debian distro, like Ubuntu, so I’m learning to live yum-lessly, but at least I can use the desktop UI like a normal computer.  It’s still not perfect.  For example, if you drag a window’s top bar too close to the top edge of the screen, it “snaps” to the top and assumes you really wanted to FULL SCREEN your Gedit note pad, not just slide it up out of the way a little.  Urk.  I can’t find a way to turn that irritating little quirk off.  I’m also not terribly impressed with the cutesie workspace switching, but I don’t use it often enough to be an issue.  So, Mint for the win — for now.