Back in the saddle… almost

Today I went down the Eppley (KOMA) to meet with the chief pilot of Flight Nebraska Group.  I had never been on the GA side of Ellpey before.  I found out that Elliot Aviation sold out to Signature a few months ago, so now we’ll have an overpriced FBO if we need it.  :)  The Tac Air FBO (where FNG is also located) is really nice, especially compared to a couple of much smaller places I have visited.  That’s really not so much a factor, since it’s not like I’ll be bumming around there a lot.  But, if you have to be somewhere, you may as well be somewhere nice.

The overcast was too low for flying, but we had a good long chat covering a lot of ground.  We discussed FNG and their operations and aircraft, my goals for training, safety, war stories, general hangar talk.  Looks like a good bunch of people, so I have a lesson scheduled for next Tuesday morning – weather permitting.

It’s time.