Winter flight training

Well, I thought doing my primary training in the winter would be a good idea.  Colder air means lower density altitude (more lift, shorter takeoff runs), not as many student pilots since school is in session, and not as much sweat in the cockpit.  Well, not from heat anyway…  stress still does its job.  The problem so far has been extremely variable weather.  One day it’s “severe clear”, not a cloud in the sky and visibility almost unlimited.  The next (like today) it’s low ceilings, snow, wind, temps below 10 degrees or some combination.

It looks like tomorrow is supposed to be a good clear day after today’s snow.  I’m going to try for a lesson tomorrow, and talk to my CFI about how much notice he wants.  Yesterday would have been a perfect day for flying, but I didn’t want to call him at noon on Sunday and say, “Hey, let’s go fly – right now”.  If I find out he’s OK with that, though, I’m not going to hesitate in the future.  At any rate I’ll get done what I can, when I can.  Waiting for summer isn’t really an option I’m willing to go with.  I’ve had two false starts, I don’t want to bump that number up again.