A re-adjustment and re-start

Last week I showed up for my scheduled flying lesson with Flight! Nebraska Group.  My CFI wasn’t there, and I found out after making the drive down to Eppley that he wasn’t going to be able to make it that day – wasn’t feeling well.  Then the admin told me the really great news — the school was going bankrupt and closing its doors, as of the next day.  And of course I had only recently written them a check for a block of hours, so they still owe me several hundred dollars.

I’m now flying out of Millard with Pro-Flite.  My new CFI, Tyler , seems pretty good; we flew on Friday and I have more training time scheduled for this week.  I’m going to try to accelerate the training to finish up as soon as I can.  It was pretty windy and gusting the other day, which dind’t make for the best landings — but takeoffs were pretty good, and once I get used to the trim and throttle in the new plane I think I’ll be fine.