I’ve been slacking off!

Well, at least with my blog posts.  I never seem to remember to update his thing when I should.  Let’s see…  in the past few months I have not blogged about…

  • Lisa and I took the club 172 up to Norfolk for dinner.  Unfortunately, we ended  up having to call for Pete to come get us due to a minor nose gear malfunction.  A couple of days later that was fixed, and I flew the plane home.
  • We had a very nice vacation out in Breckenridge.  Gil and Nina were nice enough to let us use their condo.  We did some sightseeing, got rained on while riding a ski lift, went to Ikea in Denver, took a nice horseback ride, and generally had a really nice week.  We got to have dinner with various Jaworskis on the way home.  And… the truck averaged over 20 MPG for the entire trip.  Not too shabby!
  • Lisa and I went to the EAA Chapter 80 picnic down in Plattsmouth.  We had a pretty good time; good food, good people.  I got a ride in an RV-7, and I have to admit…  I’m hooked.  What a sweet flying airplane.  Fast, light on the controls, it almost feels like there’s no limit to what you can do.  I think the -9 or -9a would be about perfect for long trips.
  • I managed to get the third garage bay cleared out enough to use part of it for work space.  It’s not done by a long shot, but it’s a start.  I got the workbench moved out from in front of the truck, so I can get to the far side without having to go through the “garage hallway” – meaning the back seat of the truck.  I’m almost done refinishing the old stool Dad made for me back in the mid 1960s when I needed a higher chair to sit at the table.  Holly seemed to like it quite a bit, so I think it’s going over to Andrew’s place when it’s finished.
  • The kit business has been keeping me fairly busy.  I’m trying to kill off one kit and introduce two or three more.  It’s taking a lot of work.

Well, that just about catches it up, I guess.  I’ll try to post more here…  not that I expect anyone actually reads it!