It pays to shop around…

I need to upgrade the wifi router in the house.  The old Linksys WRT54G has been working for years, but it just can’t handle HD video streams.  So, I went shopping for a new Linksys E4200 V2, which is supposed to be the baddest, fastest one out there.  Dual band, 900 MBPS and all that.

Best Buy has the E4500, but I don’t want that one — it requires a constant connection to Cisco.  WTF?  Newegg was the same, only the E4500.  No thanks.  So I looked on eBay and Amazon.  It seems that they go for $125 and up new, and around $80 or so on up used.  I’m not in the mood to screw with someone else’s used router, so I was looking only at new and factory-refurbed.

Then I find the Linksys on line store…  factory refurb, 30 day warranty, $79.99 with free shipping.   Sold.  Anyone want a nice, current generation WRT54G already loaded with DD-WRT?  I have one for sale cheap.  🙂


2 Replies to “It pays to shop around…”

  1. Don’t do it, man. You want an Asus, they run a barely-modified OpenWRT already. Linksys should not be rewarded with more business for their actions – cloud firmware updates, etc and they refuse to fix my WRT610N which has major holes. They’re not even Cisco any more, Belkin owns them now.

  2. Tim WHO?? Holy shit, where did you come from? Haven’t seen you in ages. 🙂

    I know not being able to run DD-WRT will be a drawback… but one reason I bought where I did was so I could return it if I decide to go a different route (so to speak).

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