Straight Talk Wireless / Huawei Ascend Y

I’ve been carrying a cheap little Huawei Ascend Y on Straight Talk Wireless for a couple of weeks now.  The short story is, I’ve gone back to my Droid 3.

STW is OK as far as service goes.  Fine, in fact.  I do get an occasional text message from them trying to upsell, which is a little annoying, but not overly so.  Aside from that, it’s regular Verizon coverage, which is to say excellent.  So…  no complaints there.

The Huawei phone…  well…  what a POS, for one thing.  As an Android phone, it’s as close to the bottom of the barrel as you can get.  The web browser is next to useless — it frequently seems to just lose its mind, followed by a crash.  The phone has VERY little internal memory, and a lot of the apps can’t be moved to the SD card.  Some pretty basic features, like a flash for the camera, are missing, and some firmware features are inexplicably missing.  Like…  no quick way to silence the ringer.  The phone cost me less than $18, I think, and it’s about worth what it cost and no more.  So…  POS, but not a ripoff.  Want it?  I don’t need it.

So, will I drop Verizon for Straight Talk?  Not immediately.  With discounts, my phone costs us $43 and change per month.  Our overall bill is ridiculously high, but dropping my phone for STW would actually cost us a little more.  I’ll continue to look for a less expensive way to keep them on Verizon, but I’m not anticipating that will work.  We may just drop Verizon, pay the early termination fee, and move – or maybe we can find two separate plans under VW that will eb cheaper.  Time will tell.