Seoul Burger

If you like things a little spicy but not too wild, try this…

Your favorite burger patty — home made, or the nice 1/3 lb. Angus patties from Costco
Your favorite bun
Drop on a layer of medium-hot kimchi
Optional: Add a fried egg (which makes any burger better)

I’d post a picture, but mine was very short-lived.  🙂  Simply flippin’ awesome.  For those of us limiting red meat and fat intake due to clogged up arteries, you want to make the most of that rare burger experience.  Even if you’re not a big kimchi fan — and it can be something of an acquired taste — kimchi as a relish on hamburgers or hot dogs is amazingly good.



5 Replies to “Seoul Burger”

  1. Ew. I spent a week in Seoul. I never want to see kimchi anywhere near anything I’m eating ever again!

  2. I spent a year up north of there. 🙂 It’s something of an acquired taste, and of course there ALL kinds of kimchi…. but even the grocery store variety around here is pretty good.

    I kinda miss the fish jerky too. Soju, well, not so much.

  3. Hah! That’s hilarious. It was 1995 dude, that stuff’s well aged by now!

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