Technical stupidity.

It baffles me how people let their stuff get so messed up, and how companies will go so far out of their way to NOT be there for customers.

I got a phishing scam email supposedly from First National, where we used to have accounts.  Being the nice guy that I am, I figured I’d let them know the specifics.  After all, some people are dumb enough to fall for stuff like this.  A fake “IRS agent” almost managed to convince my 88-year-old mother to wire a few thousand dollars to avoid going to jail — never mind that she doesn’t owe the IRS a penny, never has and has never tried to cheat on her taxes.

Well, of course the only way to contact FNBO or FNNI is via a web form.  So I spend several minutes sending detailed information to them — the target web link, the email header, etc.  Then I hit the “Submit” button…

And got an error message.

Screw ’em.

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  1. Lame. You can forward it to me with headers, though, I’m on the FS-ISAC list that goes directly to security types at all of the major banks.

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