ADS-B followup

Fun stuff…  so I’m playing around with several different aviation apps on my Android tablet, with a Stratux setup just sitting on the window sill of the spare bedroom where it can “see” enough GPS satellites to get a position fix.  I’ve got one SDR radio receiver on it, set up for 1090 MHz to catch transponders in passing aircraft.  I went in to plug the power in to charge the tablet — I’d left it in there overnight — and saw half a dozen targets displayed.  I zoomed in a little and there’s an American flight at 31,000… A Virgin flight headed for Newark…  Hey, wait a minute — one looks familiar!


N151MH – a friend and fellow EAA Chapter 80 member, out in his ADS-B “out” equipped RV-12.  Absolutely beautiful day for it, too!  Have fun, Mike!