Successful quest!

Well, we did find helmets last night. We started with what we figured were the two best chances to find a decent selection. Both had a good stock of helmets – as long as you wear one size, and don’t want a flip-up modular. We left both places with the same story — “Well, our stock isn’t so good new, it’s out of season”. This from a motorcycle dealer, and a motorcycle parts & accessories dealer? In the Spring we’ll hear, “Well, stock is low, everyone’s buying now”.

So we ended up at Dillon Brothers H-D. Less than an hour later we had a matching pair of modular helmets, both of which fit. They had them in our size. Imagine that. Yes, they’re KBC like everyone else has, but with a little higher price tag… but they HAD them. Now all I have to do is get two new headsets…

Mixed blessings

On one hand, the emergence of the Internet has been a huge blessing to many of us. I’d even say most of us. Access to information (some of it even correct some of the time) has been greatly improved.

On the other hand, just TRY to find a specialty shop that carries anything you need. Sheesh. Continue reading “Mixed blessings”

There’s no reaction quite like a knee-jerk reaction…

I received an email today, another forwarded message with someone’s teary reflections on how sad the world is. This one dealt with the recent Westroads mall shootings in Omaha, which are still pretty fresh in our minds. Locally, at least – the national news has pretty much forgotten them already and moved on to the next catastrophe. Part of the email read:

“We’ve learned that while the gun lobby keeps saying “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” that in this case “people with guns kill people.” We need to find a way to keep adolescents and guns away from each other, and that no hunter needs a semi-automatic assault rifle with armor-piercing bullets to kill Bambi.”

It saddens me to see that some people are shifting the focus away from the human reason for this tragedy, and onto the convenient scapegoat again. I’m not the least bit surprised, of course; it was only a matter of time. Usually this time is measured in minutes, if not seconds.

Let’s start with the glaring factual errors first: The moron was 19, not an “adolescent”, a mentally Continue reading “There’s no reaction quite like a knee-jerk reaction…”

What, me blog?

I’ve resisted this for a long time now, but I’ve finally decided to give it a try. So, with the software installation being so bloody simple (thanks, GoDaddy!) I’ve started blogging.