Update on the CNC mill

I’ve now spent a few days’ worth of free time working on getting the CNC mill set up, tested and adjusted. I finally got access to the more useful forums at Lumenlab’s web site, so I have some additional measurements, adjustments and run-in to do. All in all, by the time I finally get the spindle and am able to do some real work, I should have things set up pretty well.

I’ve still got some stuff to do with getting the wiring cleaned up, and I want to get the motor driver board and power supply mounted into the controller PC case. For the time being, though, everything is going well. With e Dremel flex head temporarily and not-too-solidly clamped to the tool head, I was able to do some test cuts on a scarp 2×4 and will do some more testing after adjusting for backlash and tramming (squaring).

I’ve got a LOT of potential projects lined up. Of course the primary use for the short term will be making the holes for PicoKeyer and other cabinets. I want to make a tabletop stand.cabinet for my Nixie tube clock. I want to do some engraving and see how well it does with relief carving in wood, with the idea that I might be able to make some plaques and decorations. There will be some bits and pieces for the Harley also, starting with new bushings for the removable tour pack kit.