Osama goes to his reward

We got the news last night that the asshole Osama bin Laden was finally put down by a team of Navy SEALs.  One can only hope he’s enjoying the rewards of his long and colorful life.  Personally I’d love to think our Sikh friends are right, and that he can be reincarnated as a pig — to be eaten by a bunch of Russian army veterans at a summer BBQ.

I guess now there are Muslim “scholars” bitching and whining about how and where he was buried — namely at sea, off the deck of the USS Carl Vinson.  I’m sure the Navy made certain that proper Islamic burial procedures were observed; after all, we’re not a bunch of murdering bastards with no regard for humanity, and the Navy does love tradition.  But in short, we killed the piece of shit, we get to decide where his ass gets dumped.  It’s that simple.  You wanted to see the fucker buried on land, you should have shot him yourself.

Enjoy the ride, Osama…  burn in hell, you murdering piece of shit.  With any luck your friends will join you in short order.