Telemarketers getting entirely out of hand!

Over the past week it seems the number of illegal telemarketing calls we are getting has increased dramatically.  We’re now getting several calls per day.  The new ones are mostly live people, calling and asking for me by name, with some bogus crap about filling out an on line survey and winning some discount package or some crap.  Bullshit.  I don’t fill out online surveys, for one thing.  Certainly nothing with a phone number, and I’ve also told them to stop calling.

The latest batch has been guys with heavy Indian accents calling with Florida caller ID.  OK, first… Don’t call me if you don’t speak English, asshole.  Second…  I don’t know anyone in FL, and I’m sure as hell not answering your call if the CID just says the name of some shitty little town in Florida.

I’m going to move out land line to the Asterisk box and let the blacklisting and privacy extension features start weeding these slimy little bastards out.  In the mean time I’m filing FCC No-Not-Call complaints for each and every call.  It’s probably a waste of time and effort, but you never know.  The last time I did that, people went to jail.

In Florida.