How many do we have to do??

My life has become a routine…  work, sleep, touch & go.  Yeesh.  Last Friday it was an hour of crosswind T&G practice, with truly disappointing results.  The landings were just horrible.  Tuesday winds were calm and we did an hour of normal T&G, most of which were pretty good or better.  Yesterday (Wed.) it was back to gusting crosswinds, but this time I had a much better handle on it.  We did seven rounds, and most of them were passable if not the smoothest.  I’m at 19 hours now, and I’m finally feeling that I can land without assistance.  The last two we did yesterday ended up high and steep on final.  If I hadn’t had an instructor in the plane, I’d have either gone around or shallowed out the approach and landed farther down the runway for a full stop.  In retrospect, I should have said & done just that.  There is absolutely nothing to be gained by trying to salvage a poor landing to the point where the CFI feels the need to assist.

I’m flying again today at 6.  My goal is to keep his hands and feet completely clear of the controls for the entire flight.